TV Stands

Understanding the basics

Alphason Designs was founded in 1985 as a manufacturer of specialist audio equipment. This led to the design and production of the first truly specialist range of home entertainment furniture, quickly establishing Alphason Designs as the leading manufacturer in this market.

We continue to go from strength to strength, building the reputation of being the best in the business. We are constantly innovating new and exciting products, to keep ahead of the growing demands of you, our customer.

Key Terms


For optimum user convenience special conduits are designed for the cables to pass easily between the shelves and the upper hanger mechanism. To reduce the number of unsightly wires trailing to AC wall sockets, we have integrated a four-way extention block in the rear column.


The stands come with two-step height adjustment rollers that can move 360°, to ensure easy manoeuvrability.


Alphason has pioneered the use of Piano Black glass, which gives an exceptional high gloss finish perfectly complementing the latest design of Plasma and LCD screens. This gives a truly stunning appearance. The use of ceramic based inks that fuse with the glass during the production process guarantee a durable and scratch resistant finish.


The Ambri and Event ranges feature a front door with precision-balanced damping stays to offer a smooth, solid feel when opening and closing. This feature also helps prevent accidents by ensuring the door opens gently even if you let it go.


There are many standards of veneer available. At Alphason we insist on using only the best variety to achieve the highest quality of finish. Thin strips of real wood are applied to MDF. Once machined, they are lacquered to the required appearance. This process enables Alphason to create stylish and modern products combining glass with wood.


The proliferation of AV equipment, such as DVD players, set-top boxes and AV receivers has increased the number of items that need to be connected, resulting in unsightly cables which spoil the overall appearance. Alphason has introduced an answer that effectively rectifies this problem.


Alphason's "Rapid mounting" bracket takes the back-ache out of mounting your plasma or LCD TV onto the Radius and Gradino models. Uprights are bolted to the TV and then the assembly is lifted into place for a simple, secure fit.


In order to cater for the largest range of plasma/LCD screens, Alphason has designed a "Universal" TV bracket. This allows the bracket to be adjusted vertically, as well as horizontally to align with many alternative mounting patterns.

When choosing your TV stand (with a mounting bracket) it is always essential to compare the weight of the screen against the stand's maximum load weight and the maximum allowable mounting hole location.


For those who prefer an enclosed design, the Ambri, Element, Arena and Contour ranges features a front opening door which helps protect valuable AV equipment. The safety glass door has a smooth action opening mechanism which helps prevent accidents.


Placement in the home is of paramount importance in the design process of all Alphason products. Space in any room is valuable so the rounded profile in the Contour enable the supports to be positioned neatly into a corner if so desired.


The increased space requirements for modern large Plasma, LCD and LED screens has presented difficult decisions about the equipment’s optimal placement. Catering for the most demanding situations, Alphason has introduced bracket mechanism that enables fine adjustments left to right.


Designed with safety in mind, these 360° swivel roller castors glide effortlessly over the floor. They provide a stable base for the stand and yet enable it to be moved smoothly and easily. This is especially useful when cleaning around the stand.


We are leaders through innovation and design. Our Award-winning team of in-house designers are constantly monitoring trends in home-style and AV equipment, then designing and developing exciting new products with style and flair. Only after extensive testing, safety evaluation and stringent quality control do we then launch our products onto the market. This is why we have a reputation of being the best in the business.


Our designers pick only the best materials and construction methods during the design process to ensure that your equipment performs to the highest level. An additional benefit of our design is improved longevity and most importantly your personal safety.


We take our responsibility for the safety of our customers as paramount. We therefore ensure that all our products are tested by independent testing houses.


Throughout the design process of all Alphason products SAFETY is of paramount importance. All glass used is toughened and manufactured to UK standards, BS6206A. Grade “A” identifies it as being to the very highest British standard available. Apart from improved strength, Safety Glass is used to dramatically reduce the risk of personal injury, as in the rare instance of breakage it will form small fragments with dulled edges.


A combination of safety with style. The smooth curved edges and small radius corners on Alphason supports are designed to be safer, particularly in environments where small children are concerned and shelf edges could be at head height.


Receiving numerous accolades from experts in the field of AV equipment performance and aesthetics recognises Alphason's commitment to offer "Value for Money" whilst always ensuring safety, quality, style and practicality. So follow their advice and "buy the best."